Players with payment issues

In general a player may not unilaterally terminate his contract with a club.

However, FIFA RSTP Article 14bis provides for players who may need to terminate their contracts if they have “just cause” to do so. 

FIFA has clarified that being owed two months salary is a just cause providing the player has put the club on notice and given them at least 15 days to remedy the breach

So if you are a player owed more than two months salary, what should you do?

1. It’s always a good idea to speak to your bosses at the club in the first instance.

2. If you don’t get anywhere with that, then speak to the agent that brought you to the club (if applicable).

3. If you are still not getting anywhere and you’ve had enough, you may want to consider leaving the club (especially if you have another offer on the table).

To do this, a letter would need to be sent to the club outlining their breach of the contract and giving them 15 days to rectify this.

4. After the 15 days, if you haven’t heard from them, you can pack your bags and go!

5. You can then use article 12 bis to claim the money back from the club through the FIFA tribunal.

DO NOT just leave the club or stop turning up for training or complying with your own obligations.

Your club could make a counter claim at FIFA and you will lose any compensation for breach of contract

Also be mindful that there are clubs that will present players in such situations with “mutual termination” agreements to sign which may even state that it is the player’s wish to leave so any money owed is being forfeited

Please do not sign as you will not only be rendered clubless but also lose your money.

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